Untitled (It's About That Time corner piece)
Untitled (It's About That Time corner piece), 2022-2023
Crystal glass blown by trumpet (13-piece suite), seal, iron.
Spatialised score by Maestro Marcos Magalhães.
175 x 320 x 45 cm

Copyright © João Onofre 2022-2023

This installation comprises thirteen free forms of crystalline glass blown by a trumpeter playing thirteen excerpts of 20'' each of the 1969 theme "It's About That Time" by Miles Davis.
A maestro arranged a spatial composition for a corner, departing from the original musical score and placing the pieces in an invisble music sheet of 5 invisible lines distancing 35cm from each other.

Trumpet player:
Ricardo Pinto

Master Glass Blower:
Arlindo Francisco
Vista Alegre/Atlantis

Installation Design:
João Costa
João Rocha