Barbary Falcon (in awe of)
Barbary Falcon (in awe of), 2023
2K video, 16:9, colour, sound, 9' (suite of 10 films)
Multichannel video installation of ten 55 inch screens, 6 horizontal, 4 vertical.

Photography: VSV, Onofre Studio.

Copyright © João Onofre 2023

The ten original films depict a youthful Barbary Falcon, a sub species of Peregrine Falcon, flying high in circles, never reaching the horizon, and at close range, with detailed views of the eyes, beak and feathers.
The ten screens are installed in horizontal and vertical positions, around the axis of the film players, facing the viewer at different intervals of distance.

Directed by:
João Onofre

Director of Photography:
Leonardo Simões

Assistant Director:
João Leão

Francisco Matos Moreira

1st Assistant Camera:
Ana Ramos
Miguel Ângelo

2nd Assistant Camera:
Miguel Rocha

Image Post-Production:
Andreia Bertini
Marina Tebechrani

Falconry Crew:
Rui Carvalho
Rui Fortunato
Sara Proença

Technical Suppliers:
Algures no Planisfério

Falcoaria Real de Salvaterra de Magos
F&C Falcoaria - Cetaria
Patrícia Leite