Levitation in the studio (XMAN H Version)
Levitation in the studio (XMAN H Version), 2007
Ilfochrome and inkjet printed paper
82 x 102 cm

Copyright © João Onofre 2007

Levitation in the studio (XMAN H Version)

The following is a numbered and signed certificate of a photographic limited edition.
The photograph is produced using the Ilfochrome printing process and it is approved, signed and numbered by the Artist and the Printmaker.
To ensure the integrity of the process, all extra copies were destroyed on completion.
The artist and the printmaker hereby affirm the authenticity of this photographic edition.

Date: 2002-2007
Printing date:  19th January 2007
Edition Number:  _ /6
Printing process: ILFOCHROME
Lab: EGM-Laboratoris Color
Printmaker: Jaume Cendra
ID: 46106380 M

One photograph joins this statement as the form of this piece.

January 2007

João Onofre